Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kata Bumblebee PL-220 Camera Backpack Review

We photographers are a crazy lot, first we buy super expensive gear and then we get into this endless loop of buying other necessities and accessories. On top of the necessities list is a camera bag which can safely hold our precious gear from accidents and natural elements.

I have been using the Kata Bumblebee PL-220 for almost 3 years now and I thought its about time that I pen down my experience with this camera bag.

As I won't be going into all the features of the bag you can find them here: http://www.kata-bags.com/bumblebee-220-pl-for-2-pro-dslr-up-to-8-lenses-500mm

I primarily bought it for hiking and this was one of the bags which comes under the Pro-Light series.
The bag itself is around 3kgs which is pretty light for the kind of protection you get with this bag. Apart from the light weight what got me hooked to this bag was the design and the Gecko straps. The back of the bag actually looks pretty neat and the overall quality and construction gives a feel of a well engineered bag.