Saturday, March 31, 2012

The tree that was chopped for a cause.

Sometimes you end up on location and you find the frame that will look the best visually is obstructed either by something man made or something natural like a tree.
The man made stuff can still be taken care of but you just can not chop off a tree for a shot.
I was stuck in a similar situation recently, I took a back up shot first just to be safe and then I captured real frame.
I was thinking I will do something about this tree in post but I had no idea that I will end up chopping the tree, at least in post it's all legal.

This is the 'Before' shot

Apart from the tree I ended up growing some grass in the foreground, removing the cars and stacks of bricks from the background.
And lastly I thought if I have cut a tree I must plant one too so I planted a tree in the background, that tree helped me get rid of the stack of bricks.
The client was more than happy. Looking at it now I feel I can still make it look better, but then I think about the Fine art images on my computer waiting for my attention.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where the time stands still

'Narna' is a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) India. Everything about this village is serene and it has a very calming effect on the senses. The mud walls are perfect to take on the severe heat wave this part of India faces during the long summer days.  
I was there during one of those heat waves and was surprised to see such chilled out group of people living in harmony. The villagers were friendly and they even invited us to their homes. This kind of hospitality can only be experienced in a small place and is unimaginable in a big city where even the neighbors are suspicious of each other.
I was so kicked and excited as soon as we entered the village that it was only halfway during my visit to the village that I realized my ISO was set on 800!! 
This worked for me in this particular case as I ended up adding grain to the images shot on low ISO later on. Definitely one of the most photographically fulfilling day. 

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